Neville Family

The Norman family of Nevill came from Teutonic stock. Baldrick was Lord of Bacqueville en Caux under Duke William. He married a niece of Gilbert Compte De Brionne, a grandson of duke Richard I who was regent of Normandy in 1040.

Richard was called De NovaVilla, or De Neuville from his fife in Neuville sur Tocque in the department of the Orne, arrondissement of Argenton, and the canton of Grace. A cousin of William the Conqueror on his maternal side and he left four sons; Gilbert, Robert, Richard and Ralph. From Gilbert De Nevill descends the houses of Westmoreland, Warwick, Latimer and Abergavenny.

Richard's son Silbert held in the year 1086 carucates of land at Waltcot, Lincolnshire and Yawthorpe, (a carucate is an area of land that could be cultivated by an eight-ox plough team throughout a single year). He was reported to be a Companion in arms to William the Conqueror, and by some genealogists, Admiral of the fleet of William the Conqueror. An uncle of Gilbert, Foulk d'Anjou furnished 40 ships for the fleet. .... more

The Battle of Neville's Cross

Raby Castle was bult by Robert de Neville in the 13th century

  • A1. Wigerius Teutonicus;
    • B1. Baldric Teutonicus, lord of Bacqueville-en-Caux, m. Rohaise de Clare;  ==>  de Clare family
      • C1. Richard de Novavilla, b:1000, m. Philicia of Damoys;
        • D1. Gilbert de Nevill, lvd:1066;
          • E1. Jollan de Nevill;
            • F1. Jollan de Nevill, d:1208, m. Amfelicia de Rolleston;
              • G1. Sir Andrew Nevill, lord of Holt and Rolleston, m. Cecilila Blanchminster;
                • H1. Sir Andrew Nevill, lord of Holt, m. N. Fancotte;
                  • I1. Sir Robert Nevill, m. N. Langford;
                    • J1. Sir Thomas Nevill of Rolleston, m. Elizabeth Babington;
                      • K1. William Nevill, m. Katherine Palmer;
                        • L1. Thomas Nevill, m. Isabel Griffin;
                          • M1. William Nevill, d:1516, m. N. Lucy;
                            • N1. Thomas Nevill of Cotterstock;
          • E2. Geoffrey de Nevill, lvd:1080/1146;
            • F1. Gilbert de Nevill, lvd:118/1168;
              • G1. Geoffrey de Nevill, d:1194, m. Emma de Bulmer;
                • H1. Isabel de Nevill, m. Robert FitzMaldred, Lord of Raby;  ==>  House of Dunkeld
                  • I1. Dolfin, Lord of Raby;
                    • J1. Geoffrey de Neville of Raby;
                      • K1. Robert de Neville of Raby, d:1282;
                        • L1. Robert de Neville, m. Mary FitzRandolph;
                          • M1. Ralph de Neville, 1st Lord of Raby, d:1331, m. Euphemia de Clavering;  ==>  Eure family
    • N1. Ralph de Neville, 2nd Lord of Raby, d:1367, m. Alice de Audley  ==>  Audley family
      • O1. Margaret Neville, d:1372, m. Henry Percy;  <==  Percy family
      • O2. Sir John Neville, 3rd Lord of Raby, d:1388, m1. Elizabeth Latimer, m2. Maud Percy;  ==>  Percy family
        • P1. [m1]: Elizabeth Neville, m. Sir Thomas Willoughby;  <==  Willoughby family
        • P2. [m2]: Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmoreland, d:1425, m1. Margaret Stafford, m2. Joan Beaufort;  ==>  Plantagenet
          • Q1. [m1]: Margaret Neville, lvd:1396/1463, m. Richard le Scrope;  <==  le Scrope family
          • Q2. [m1]: Philippa Neville, m. Thomas de Dacre;  <==  Dacre family
          • Q3. [m1]: Ralph Neville, d:1458, m. Margery Ferrers;  <==  Ferrers family
            • R1. John Neville of Oversley, m. Elizabeth Newmarch;
          • Q4. [m2]: Anne Neville, m. Humphry de Stafford;  <==  Stafford Family
          • Q5. [m2]: Eleanor Neville, m. Henry Percy;  <==  Percy Family
          • Q6. [m2]: Cecily Neville, m. Richard Plantagenet;  <==  Plantagenet
          • Q7. [m2]: Richard Neville, 1st Earl of Salisbury, d:1460, m. Elizabeth de Montacute;  ==>  Montacute
            • R1. Katherine Neville, m1. William Hastings;  <==  Hastings Family
                                 m2. William Bonville  <==  Bonville Family
            • R2. Eleanor Neville, m. Thomas Stanley;  <==  Stanley Family
            • R3. Richard Neville 'The Kingmaker', Earl of Warwick, lvd:1428/1471, m. Anne Beauchamp;
              • S1. Isabel Neville, m. George Plantagenet;  <==  Plantagenet
              • S2. Anne Neville, m. King Richard III of England;
          • Q8. [m2]: Sir Edward Neville, 3rd Lord Bergavenny, d:1476, m. Elizabeth Beauchamp;  ==>  Beauchamp family
            • R1. Sir George Neville, 4th Lord Bergavenny, d:1492, m. Margaret Fenne;
              • S1. Sir George Neville, 5th Lord Bergavenny, lvd:1483/1535, m. Mary Stafford;  ==>  Stafford Family
              • S2. Jane Neville, m. Lord Henry Poole;  <==  Poole Family
              • S3. Sir Edward Neville, Knight, b:1439, m. Eleanor Windsor;  ==>  Windsor family
                • T1. Sir Henry Neville, lvd:1520/1593, m. Elizabeth Gresham;
                  • U1. Catherine Neville, b:1570, m. Edmund D'Oyley;  <==  Dial Family
          • Q9. [m2]: George Neville, 1st Lord Latymer, d:1469, m. Elizabeth Beauchamp;  ==>  Beauchamp
            • R1. Sir Henry Neville, m. Joanna Bourchier;
              • S1. Richard Neville, 2nd Lord Latymer, lvd:1468/1530, m. Anne Stafford;  ==>  Stafford
                • T1. Margaret Neville, b:1494, m. Edward Willoughby;  <==  Willoughby
                • T2. Dorothy Neville, lvd:1496/1531, m. John Daunay;  <==  Dawnay family
                • T3. Sir John Neville, 3rd Lord Latymer, m. Dorothy de Vere;  ==>  de Vere
                  • U1. John Neville, 4th Lord Latymer, d:1577, m. Lucy Somerset;  ==>  Earls of Somerset
                    • V1. Catherine Neville, lvd:1546/1596, m. Henry Percy;  <==  Percy Family

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