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Ascii art

Beginning bell group advice

Bell weights

Chime History

Clip art

Letter of commitment


Flamboyant ringers

Flying with your bells

Foam firmness

Frequency table


Handbell Mousepad

Handbell Refurbishment

Handbells in Scotland

Inspiring story #1

Insuring Handbells

Message Board

Miking handbells

Music notation software

Out of Print defined

Performance royalties

Petit and Fritsen (Dutch) Handbells

Polishing parties

Prescription glasses

Treble bell technique

We are our own worst enemy

Wedding fees

Which bells to buy - an opinion

Why should I join the Agehr?

Wrist snap and wrist braces

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Other articles

Ringing Handbells in the Worship Service

Ringing Handbells in a Church Service

Ringing in the Primary Classroom!

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Other sites

B Woolley's Handbell FAQ

Paul Kingsbury's Handbell Resources

J&J OnLine: Microsites, Ringing Praise

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