Handbell Threads Intro

Over the years, I have watched the postings to several listservers on the subject of handbells, the two biggest being Handbell-L and Belltalk. Through these forums, handbell directors, ringers, and enthusiasts have asked and answered a multitude of questions concerning handbells and handbell ringing. Some of the discussions (threads) are very informative but unless you read them at the time the posts were made or search through the years of archives, you might have trouble finding the answer to your questions. I have collected some of what I felt the most useful threads and have saved them in these web pages. Where possible, I have also included a link to where you can find the original post in the Handbell-L archives.

Handbell-L and the Handbell-L Mailing List Archives can be found at http://www.ringem.org/mailist/index.html Handbell-L is quite lively averaging a score of postings a day but it also has the largest knowledge base for answering any questions you may have. Just follow the link above to find the instructions for subscribing to the list.