Welcome to the web site of Robert Couch AKA "Dr. Robert"
32 Years of premier Morgan sports car restoration, and connoisseur of all things Morgan.
From full concours winners, international included to beautiful daily drivers to full race prepared screamers. No job is too small or too big.
The Dr. designed the first Illustrated Morgan parts book, and the first and still only interactive Morgan web site and some very major but non intrusive
upgrades for vintage Morgans. These upgrades are a 5 speed kit for all vintage 4/4 Morgans, a drop in 5 speed kit for all +4 Morgans, a
simple and neat alternator conversion for all +4's , a wonderful exact replacement rear axle assembly for +4's and 4/4's,
and a wonderful fully designed and detailed GM throttle body fuel injection kit for +8's. It's perfect for those sluggish propane cars
and this system meets emission standards on later cars. It will transform propane cars into a thoroughbred.
Click the picture above for larger pictures and more pictures of cars done by me and the R&T article on the TT Morgan that got me started in Morgan
Where Morgans and their owners come to be "Happy"
Robert with his "last" restoration soon after surgery for brain cancer. This illness has forced him to layoff the passion of his life. But he is "cancer free" now and shall in some form "rise from the ashes to ride again"! Part of his rising has been to get deeply involved in the local DAV center here in Port Angeles and has been designated their official "History Director" and has been given the honor to compile and produce a history book of the local Veterans center with the DAV Chapter 9 included. A PDF download of it can be seen HERE for your viewing pleasure.

I've also written a semi-autobiography of my life growing up in my Dads Chrysler dealership in NW CT. and having a passion for cars birthed in my heart and soul as a young boy and how I came to be the USA's premier Morgan restorer. Click here to download the PDF of
"My Story"

I've been writing some short childrens stories, here is one called TheTravelingBear, enjoy.

If you can take the heat click here for a short movie of the sacrificial fire.
Click here for a QT movie of this car at the beginning, and at the end of the restoration
I couldn't resist posting these shots. Now don't go getting a gang
together to come and lynch me yet, you gotta read the story below!
I found that showing these pictures to customers is a sure fire way to guarantee that your bills gets paid!
The story about this car is that it is the ghost of the green car pictured below! A few years ago I purchased a 1962 +4 for the customer who owns the green car below. The car I purchased was from Ohio and was disassembled and then left in a old barn with a dirt floor for 15-20 years unprotected. It was so rusted that even the beaded edge on the fenders was gone. The chassis was rusted in half along with the body. So I ended up with 2 halves of this rotted hunk of a Morgan body laying around with no where to take it. I also had a whole years crop of lavender, 4500 bundles, that I lost the year I had brain cancer due to mold. No it was the lavender I lost to mold not the brain, though some of you who are looking at this picture might come to the conclusion that I had mold on the brain! Hey you got to keep a since of humor after what I went through. So having this great big pile of dried lavender in my yard that needed burning gave me the idea of burning out what wood was left in the two halves of the body. Then it would be easy to get rid of the metal panels. The fire above is only the back half of the tub. The front half has already gone through the fire.
The plan for this car from the beginning was to rebuild the car as a low profile +4. This was because the owner had bought a used 1960 high profile +4 in 1967 and preferred the looks of the low profile. So the car was totally hand built from a new frame up my little ol me from new Factory parts as a low profile +4. Re-bodied or resurrected one might say, not uncommon for a Morgan. All the original parts that could be salvaged were restored along with those that were no longer available. Every bit of the car was in really bad shape, even the W/S frame was all bent up, but it and the gauges and some other bits and pieces were restored to as new condition.
This is the car that was also the platform for the nice 5 speed kit that I designed and built. It also has one of my Dana replacement rear ends with 4.1 gears and a powerloc diff. The engine puts out 150+ HP and it is as fast as an early +8. Accelerating from a standstill to 100 is incredibly fast and smooth with the 5 speed. So old Moggies do die, but a few others like myself can resurrect even the worst of them to a new glory and existence!
So ride on Moggie friends, ride on! Thank you all for your support the last 32 years! May there be many more for us all.
89mm fully equipped TR
150+ HP! This baby is going to fly. It's in the +4 to the right coupled to my 5 speed kit and my replacement Dana rear axle with a 4.1/1 posi unit installed! 0 to100 is breathtakingly fast and so smooth with the 5 speed!!
This one's as fast as an early +8!