The artists talks about her work:

Living in Alaska has opened up for me a visual world where large shapes intermingle with shining streaks of brilliant colors. Especially in Alaska, it is disrespectful to try to record landscape image, so in my work I try to capture the feeling of the place - not the place itself.

I'm fascinated by the use of line, color and graphic hard line separation of space, as it applies to our Alaskan landscapes. For me, Alaska has been a fruitful place. Its visual resources are endless.

People ask me, "What do you paint?" I don't know how to answer this question. Trying to say what the paintings are is to defect their purpose. So rather than talk about them, let me invite you to look, hopefully, to enjoy and join the feeling or idea that you see...

- Anne Miletich

A N N  M I L E T I C H
Fine Artist

P.O. Box 21721
Juneau, Alaska 99802


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