Welcome to LempServe.

If you are new come check us out.  (We've been going since March 2011.)

These web-pages have some important information about our server and how to get started with Tekkit. 

We are now a Tekkit 3.1.2  Server!

What is Tekkit?

First lets talk about TechnicPack:

TechnicPack is a collection of SSP (solo player) mods that drastically extend minecraft play.  These mods all change the GUI - so all of the new blocks and items have their own unique grahical representation as well their own behavoir.  There are thousands of new blocks and items! 

But TechnicPack was only for solo playing, until:

Some folks wanted to play TechnicPack in MultiPlayer (SMP).  So the task was:

  •  to separate each of the TechnicPack mods into two pieces:  a server-side piece (that runs remotely on the server) and a client-side piece (containing the GUI changes and the graphics implementation for the new blocks and items - this piece has to run locally on your computer). 
  • to modify each of mods' servers-side pieces so that they modified Bukkit (rather than the vanilla Minecraft server code).  

Because they chose to modify Bukkit, the modded jar is also able to run Bukkit Plug-ins (like Essentials, Bukkit Permissions, and even home-grown plug-ins like our Elevator-Plugin).  This is cool!

Not every mod in the TechnicPack got split-up and bukkitized.  The ones that did got packaged together and were named Tekkit (Technic + Bukkit).  

Ready for some more architecture?

When you start up vanilla minecraft on your computer, you can join a server or you can play solo, right?  Well, the Technic/Tekkit folks wanted the same ability.   But if you wanted to play solo, maybe you would like to include the mods that did not get split-up and Bukkitized.  In that case you would want to play TechnicPack not Tekkit.  So they came up with: 

The Technic-Launcher

The Technic-Launcher is a client-side (ie, runs on your computer) java program that lets you pick whether you want to play:

  • TechnicPack (solo)
  • Tekkit (solo or on a server)
  • YogBox (another set of solo Mods)
  • Voxel Modpack (another set of solo Mods)
  • Hack / Mine (another set of solo Mods)
  • or no mods at all (ie vanilla Minecraft 1.2.5)

So, when you choose which mod pack you want, the Technic-Launcher loads all of the  mods in that particular mod-pack and modifies a Minecraft 1.2.5 jar with them and then runs the resultant jar. 

For each of the solo mods, the Technic-Launcher loads in mods that have not (necessarily) been split-up and bukkitized.

But for the Tekkit mods (at least when you are running on the server), each mod's server-side piece is already loaded on the server.  Technic-Launcher just has to load up the Client-side pieces (the GUI changes and the implementation of the new blocks and items). 

Okay, so Lempserve provides the server-side piece of Tekkit (it runs on the server).  But you will need to download the Technic-Launcher.  (Your regular minecraft-client can't possibly work because it doesn't know how to load in mods.)

We have a special page that explains how to download Technic-Launcher, set it up, and use it.  There is button over there to your left, toward the top, to go to that page. 

Technic/Tekkit Versions

Okay, pay attention cuz this is a bit confusing: 

We are running Tekkit 3.1.2.  But this is not Minecraft 3.1.2.  Tekkit 3.1.2 is actually modding and then running Minecraft 1.2.5.  So the villagers don't trade and there are no emeralds.  (Well actually there are emeralds, but they are RedPower emeralds, not Minecraft emeralds.) 

So when will Tekkit catch up to Minecraft 1.4?  Don't hold your breath!  (Hey, they really had their work cut out for them just doing the split-up and bukkitizing of their code.)

Whats in Tekkit?

Plenty.  Enough that you will soon forget about about Minecraft 1.4.  Click on  http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit/ for a complete list.  We have made some alterations to prevent giefing; the primary ones are:

  • Equivalent Exchange has been disabled.
  • Balkon's Weapon Mod is disabled
  • ComputerCraft's Turtles are disabled. 

The following link gives a complete list of Lempserve's item restrictions:


Custom Plug-ins:

We still have a lot of our own Bukkit Plug-ins.  So we have some play options available nowhere else:

The SkyTrain Plugin is in place.  Run Minecarts with Redstone Torches! Build Elevators.  Click on the link over there to the left!

We have a Porticulus Plugin - Your fort can have cool (redstone-raised/lowered) iron gates (or wooden ones if you are vegetarian).  Click on the link over there to the left! 

Chest Labelling is still included.  Autosell works but only for wooden chests.  Seedsort makes it so chests will automatically sort seedbag by crop-type and the sum of the three crop statistics (so the best seedbags are at the end.)

We have extended the use of Red Power Deployers so that they work on IC2 crops.  Yes you can automate IC2 crop farming! 

We have extended the use of Red Power Deployers so that they work with ChopTree2 in cutting down vanilla mincraft trees.  Yes, you can automate timber farming!





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