Movin' On...        

Oh, yes, we have memories...

Due to the increasing ravages of old age, both PLUCKY ROCKET ("Blue") and his son, PLUCKY BEARCAT ("Bear") were humanely destroyed on September 14, 2000. We just could not ask either of them to go on any longer just for our sake, when life was becoming more and more of an unbearable chore for both of them.

Both these individuals left us some wonderful memories...some very nice momentos from the show ring, and lots of grins and giggles. "Blue" had lived all 29 years of his life here with us, and he will always be the "backbone" of our CALAMAR breeding program, having sired most of our current broodmares. "Bear" always 'did us proud,' never let us down when we called on him to give his best, and left us some particularly fond memories of his antics in the show ring and his "all-business" attitude and hard work on Sheriff's Posse searches and rescues late at night and under some horribly trying and adverse conditions.

Blue Blue, movin' on...
1971 A.Q.H.A stallion,
at 27 years of age

The graying face of a true gentle giant Plucky Bearcat (

1978 A.Q.H.A gelding, PLUCKY BEARCAT..."BIG 'UN" to his friends
(He stood 16.3 hands, and tipped the scale at 1300# when he was hale and hearty and showring fit)

The last pictures taken of "Bear," showing the results of the year-long battle to heal his broken leg, and the toll it took on his other legs and his general condition. At 22, he developed delibilitating arthritis and life became miserable and scary for him. When it became questionable whether he would be able to rise every time he layed down to rest, it was time for us to fulfill our responsibility to him and provide him a gentle departure.  Here he was born, and here he should die.

All who knew him will attest that to know "Big 'Un" was to know a truly unique individual. Few who met him will ever forgot him...

and we surely never will.

...and another CALAMAR critter memory....

"Zach," our beautiful Russian-Blue-type kitty...
who began life in a dumpster shortly after birth in 1995, put there for disposal by some miserable uncaring individual...
was found by a youngster dumping trash...rescued from the dumpster, taken home and
hidden under the covers until his eyes were totally open, and then Dad found him and said
"Two cats is enough!"
The kitten could by then navigate on his own...
and was given to us to become a member of our family.

Today, 10/30/04, we held him as he left us, the victim of kidney failure at the age of nine.
Yet another member of the family is being missed here at CALAMAR...

"Zach" in one of his favorite poses...relaxing aboard the scanner

Our barn kitty, "Sylvia," left us in November, 2006, at almost 20 years of age. She had been born of a feral mother who had her kittens in a friend's garage. Momma Cat and her five kittens were all trapped and came to us to be "barn kitties." As so often happens, after Momma and all the youngsters were sterilized, only "Sylvia" and a sister remained here, and another sister moved to the nearby hay storage barn. "Sylvia" thrived and took over virtual ownership of the horse barn, never spending a single night in the house, by her loud and adamant choice. We now miss the very vocal orders she gave us at dinnertime in the barn, but her spirit will definitely continue to rule there!

And then there was Hobbes...a kitten rescued from a roof in 1993...and who without showing a sign of illness or discontent, simply disappeared in October of 2006. A total free spirit, Hobbes had control of all he surveyed, and kept all who knew him in wonder at his wonderful mix -- truly a study of precociousness -- tempered with a degree of humility that never failed to steal hearts and bring grins. We truly miss this character, and our only wish that could have made life with Hobbes any more complete is that he would have let us be with him when he left, on his way to who knows where...but, then, that was Hobbes...once again, he did it his way.

Godspeed, Hobbes.

And, our latest heartbreak due to the loss of a very, very dear friend...on a very recent day, January 22, 2007...

"Rosie" -- what can we say about her?

She was our very good friend -- devoted, loyal, generous, protective, kind, gentle, beautiful -- and had the softest ears, the deepest brown and amber eyes...and feet that belonged on a dancing girl.

Due to a torn ACL, "Rosie" left us that morning for surgery. She was lightly sedated and prepared for the procedure to repair the problem, when it was discovered that bone cancer had invaded the femur and joint.

With no viable humane options, and still in her drowsy state, we held her, told her how much she was loved, and thanked her profusely for sharing her life with us...and after having been part of our lives for only five years of her eight short years, she peacefully left us behind.

Far too short of a life for her, and for her time with us.

RIP, Dear "Rosie Posie"

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